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The Success of Young Entrepreneur Md Ariful Islam In Digital Marketing And Musician

Md. Ariful Islam, who is only 22 years old, has made a living through online income. He is a successful young entrepreneur. He works with digital marketing as well as YouTubers, music artists. The path to success was not easy at all. He achieved the impossible through hard work without the support of his family.

Md. Ariful Islam knows very well how to get rid of the addiction of touching the target. The time Md. Ariful Islam was born on April 19, 1999, in the village of Chandamari, Majhapara in Rajarhat Upazila under the Kurigram district. He was born into a middle-class family. Md. Ariful Islam is the second of three siblings. There is a saying that middle-class people do not have dreams, they want to live longer, this is also the case with him. After passing the primary level the ghost of the phone lingers in his mind, he will have his own computer and he will work with it. Phones were not so popular in the villages of Bangladesh then, the journey of phones has just started. But his thinking was a few more years ahead, his efforts were extensive, and as a result in a very short time, he has taken a place on YouTube and in the digital marketplace. He is also quite successful in making music and as a music artist. No one can ever achieve success without their own efforts, especially online income support, and all the entrepreneurs who build their own careers seem to have family ties because income can also be made online, no one believes this sentence. Everything seemed impossible before it became possible, in addition to studying he is now a successful young entrepreneur. Meanwhile, Md. Ariful Islam has made a way to earn money through the channel verified on the international music platform YouTube. He has also worked at Spotify. He has been quite successful working as a collaborator on other music platforms outside of his YouTube channel. The young successful entrepreneur said, “His dream is to create an IT firm on his own initiative called SAR Digital Marketing. He dreams of working on it and dreams of doing something even bigger in the future. In the future, poor, disoriented, talented boys and girls will be given the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Through his “SAR Digital Marketing”, he will take a few steps forward, thousands of people will dream with his hands. There will be one in every house in Bangladesh. ”Entrepreneur, there will be no cursed unemployed, everyone will stand on their own feet. He says everyone will pray for me so that I can stay healthy, be by the side of people and give you some better gifts.!

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